Do pets provide social support?

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Dogs and cats are as important to owners as are siblings and parents. Those relationships can provide a protective mechanism, as pet owners are both physically and emotionally healthier than their non-pet owning peers, according to 3 studies that have been conducted. Pet owners were found to do better in several well-being measures (eg. Self-esteem, exercise/fitness level, loneliness) and individual-difference measures (e.g. More conscientious, more extroverted, less fearful and less preoccupied).

I know when I come home after a long hard day, and Yukon and Charley greet me at the door I feel 100% better — my stress just melts away looking at those beautiful faces.

Think of your pets as friends with benefits.

All the best, Dr. Fulop.

Yukon and Charley greeting Dr. Fulop at the front door.










Source article: J Pers Soc Psychol 101:1239-1252, 2011.

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