Feb 22 2014

Fundraising with Amberlea Animal Hospital.

We are participating in National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs & Humane Societies. It’s a brand new event and will help raise awareness and urgently-needed funds to support animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected or no longer wanted.

National Cupcake Day is Monday, February 24th and the Amberlea Animal Hospital team will be baking the most delicious, delectable and scrumptious cupcakes you can possibly imagine. I just KNOW you want one! Or two! Or six! Will you please consider donating online to join our Cupcake Day Party? Not only will you get to enjoy a yummy cupcake, but you’ll be supporting a cause that really matters to us.

Click “Donate Now” to make a donation online. There are various gift amounts on the On-Line Bakery site for those that wish to make donations $10 or greater. There is also a space to put in donations less than $10. These donations will go directly to the SPCA. Cupcakes are $2 for one or three cupcakes for $5. Maximum order is six cupcakes per donation. If you make a donation on-line come to our clinic on Monday, February 24th and pick up your cupcakes.

You may also make donations at the Amberlea Animal Hospital on Monday, February 24th and we will donate the funds to our local SPCA. Don’t forget to pick up your cupcakes!

If we won’t see you on Monday, February 24th, please donate anyways. There are tens of thousands of animals across Canada who need to be rescued from abuse and neglect – and to have a second chance!

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