Feb 19 2015

Does your dog ever make a funny choking sound?

Our veterinarian Dr. Fulop talks about reverse sneezing.

Does your dog ever make a funny choking sound that only lasts a few seconds but scares you to death? It can also sound like a little pig snorting. This episode could be a reverse sneeze. Instead of sneezing out the nose they suck the air in through their nose. As frightening as it is to hear this, there is no harm to your dog from this.

Allergies or environmental irritants, like smoke or perfumes can trigger your pet into a reverse sneeze. Excitement or even drinking water can also trigger this condition. Stroking the throat region during this episode can help calm your pet and stop it from reverse sneezing.

There are other conditions that can cause snorting and abnormal breathing, so please consult with your veterinarian should you hear anything unusual with your pet’s breathing.

video example of a reverse sneeze.


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