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    Do pets provide social support?

    Aug 23 2012

    Dogs and cats are as important to owners as are siblings and parents. Those relationships can provide a protective mechanism, as pet owners are both physically and emotionally healthier than…

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    7 tips to keeping your dogs and cats trim.

    Aug 17 2012

    Last week’s blog talked about cats and what to feed them, so this week I thought I would talk about how to keep your pets trim. We humans aren’t the…

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    Canned vs. Dry Food- Which is better for cats?

    Aug 08 2012

    Last week’s blog on my thoughts about preventive veterinary care for dogs and cats sparked a lot questions this week particularly from my cat owners. I love seeing owners getting…

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    Dr. Fulop’s philosophy on pet care.

    Jul 26 2012

    This past week at our clinic in Pickering I had a young couple, who were getting a puppy, come in wanting information about the clinic and wanting to get to…

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    The Buzzzzz about Indoor Pests

    Jul 17 2012

    I wonder if any of you can relate? Last night I got into bed early looking forward to a good night sleep and just as I was settling in, I…

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    Take a tour with Wynne.

    Jul 08 2012

    With the all the recent recalls on store bought pets foods (see our “In the News” section) it leaves people wondering about processing standards of pet foods. There are a…

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    What you need to know to enjoy the summer with your pet.

    Jul 01 2012

    Summer is here and the weather is hot in Pickering Ontario. That means fun in the sun. Hot weather does pose risks for our animal friends. With proper precautions you…

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    Why do people continue to leave their pets in cars?

    Jun 22 2012

    The weather has been unbelievable here in the Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Scarborough area. Now, I love the heat, but this is hot. Despite the heat and humidity I still went…

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    Keeping it cool

    Jun 21 2012

    Here in Pickering Ontario we are experiencing some extreme temperatures. As a result, our veterinary clinic has received a lot of questions about how to keep your pets cool. Here…

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    The tale of Mrs. Pickles

    Jun 14 2012

    One day in March we received a phone call at our veterinary clinic here in Pickering from a distraught client in Ajax – there was a cat laying on their…