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Some Easter dangers you may not think of…

By April 1, 2015 Uncategorized

dog bunny earsHere are some Easter dangers you may not think of or be aware of that are harmful to your pets.

Easter is this Sunday, please ensure your pets are kept safe over this holiday weekend.

Brightly coloured Easter eggs aren’t the only things hidden around the house at Easter time.

  • Some plants and flowers, like lilies, cyclamen and amaryllis are very dangerous to cats. A small nibble on 1 or 2 petals of the lily is enough to put your cat into acute kidney failure. The root of the cyclamen can cause vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, seizures and even death. All parts of the amaryllis are toxic with the bulb being the most dangerous. Please ensure these plants are well out of reach of your cats. Better yet, don’t have them around.

The contents of the Easter basket can also cause dangers.

  • As we are all aware of chocolate being toxic, we must also be aware of the sugar substitute – xylitol which can be found in some candies and sugarless gum.
  • The Easter grass can be tempting for cats – ingestion of which can cause obstruction.
  • Eggs – whether chocolate, plastic or real can cause problems. Plastic eggs can break and cause cuts on pads or in the mouth and pieces can be swallowed causing digestive issues. Hard boiled eggs can cause digestive issues in dogs that find the leftovers on an Easter egg hunt. Chocolate – we all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Many foods we eat during Easter can cause problems for our pets.

  • Pork roast is fatty and can cause digestive upset and the twine can obstruct your pet’s digestive tract if eaten.
  • Ham, similar to pork roast but contains a lot more salt. An excessive amount of salt can cause neurological problems.
  • Turkey gravy – too fatty, causing digestive upset.
  • If you make your own bread or rolls it’s the dough that can cause issues. Dough contains yeast and when in a warm environment, like your pet’s stomach, the yeast converts sugars in the dough to carbon dioxide and alcohol – they can suffer from alcohol poisoning and the expanding dough can cause obstruction.

Please have a safe and happy Easter Holiday.